Ever increasing circles

Week three of Park Run and some weird law of inverse proportions has meant that while we walked far, far less than on the previous two runs we were far, far, slower – posting a time of 31.12 in my case and 31.06 in Ray’s. We did place higher in the field, coming in at 109 & 111, a good 18 places higher than previous bests but a good 59 seconds slower in my case, but that just means some of the racing snakes had taken the week off.

At the moment I’m blaming my weird calf injury. I’d noticed during the treadmill stint on Thursday that I was heel striking, which is something I never did in cushioned running shoes. Today I was heel striking on the left and forefront striking in the right and try as I might I couldn’t persuade the left leg to join in the forefront fun until neatly 1k in.

Totally forgetting to have a blast on my inhaler didn’t help matters either, my breathing was heavy and legs leaden. As I have exercise induced asthma and haven’t suffered a major attack for nearly 37 years, it’s sometimes easy to forget that I am  indeed asthmatic – today was a handy, if annoying, reminder.

On to the positives. It’s another run completed, only 47 more until we qualify for a free t-shirt. There was far more running, albeit slower running, than the previous runs and pace will come after endurance. Ray’s CV has definitely increased too, which he noticed when I didn’t answer any of the question he was asking me as we passed the three kilometre mark. It wasn’t that I was too puffed to talk, I was a couple of  metres behind, didn’t even realise he was talking as  he’d mistaken the lady running just beside him for me. We finished before it stared to pour down and while we sheltered from the rain under a handy tree, some fellow runners shared their cookies with us.

Also I didn’t swear at or trip up the little kid that burned passed me in the straight to finish 110th. An act purely down to self-restraint and not lack of energy, honest.

So not too bad at all really. Tomorrow is half a circuit class followed by 4 miles endurance – meep!

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