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Another post springing out of SMCLondon08. This time from a session I didn’t actually attend but heard positive stuff about afterwards, which was on on relationship guidance for bloggers and PRs.  Apparently part of the discussion was that hobby bloggers are the most effective as they blog with true passion, the sort you’ll never really have as a person who blogs for professional reasons.

My immediate thought was that a blogger who blogs for passion surely can’t be the most effective as they don’t care about their readership, and nor should they.  I guess blogging about your passion means you have more interest and drive, making sure that your blogging mojo lasts that much longer.

If you’re blogging with more of a professional  purpose, to increase traffic to your corporate site or get more work as a freelance consultant then your probably more likely to use every trick in the bloggers handbook to get more attention and therefore be more effective.  Tricks like promoting you blog every single chance you get, via twitter, via facebook, via your email signature, by commenting on other blogs or on friendfeed.  Making sure that you have content planned in advance and responding to those kind enough to comment.

Generally working your little blogging ass off to make sure you’re doing everything possible to generate the warm fuzzies among your readership, blogging peers and the possibly the internetz at large.

Which on reflection is probably what the hobby blogger gets from their readers purely through the passion, knowledge and dedication they show to their subject, without putting all the extra effort in.  They may have a tiny audience but it will be a dedicated one who really values what they have to say, Which is not to say that the readers of a more professional orientated blogger don’t also value what they have to say.Though I think we could assume the percentage would be less.

So in conclusion, I’m not sure which is the most effective. Anyone else got any thoughts?

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  1. I think you can and should if at all possible be passionate about what you do for 40, 60 or even 100 hours per week. You’d be one unhappy bunny if you didn’t care a jot, but if you have any drive in your own workplace then I find it can transfer over to a blog quite easily. Yes at first it’s a bit ponderous – what on earth should one blog about – but then you get into the (addictive) swing of things and suddenly not only is your day-to-day contributing to blogposts, but the comments you receive start to contribute to the way you think about things at work. Makes you think outside the box a bit more (always good) and hopefully, makes you that little bit more effective in both places – at work, and online.

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