EA in listening shocker – too little, too late?

Following the initial furore over the stringent DRM element of Spore, EA has announced some changes and appears that more are in the pipeline.

A post on the official forum last Wednesday revealed that online accounts could now have multiple screen names associated with them, up to a limit of five.

EA has also promised that future updates will allow computers to be de-authorised, iTunes stylee, and that each copy can be installed on up to five machines. Again ppl can ask for more installations by phone, while paying a hefty price per minute for the privilege.

Unfortunately for EA it seems that ppl still have plenty to complain about, one thing being that within two weeks of release Spore’s creator, Will Wright, is already talking about expansion packs . Another is that the first patch seemed to crash a few ppl’s systems.

There are also more than a few complaints that EA has started to issue bans to anyone talking about SecuRom DRM on the official forums.

This is not the first time that gamers have complained about EA’s actions, I know several online addicts who have been boycotting EA since 2004 and now it seems there are few more who wish to join in, will be interesting to see how EA approaches its next most anticipated release.

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