Doing it for the kids, and members of the forces with bits missing

This time next week, the Tough Gaffs team will have completed the first day of the Total Warrior Total Weekend Challenge and will be dragging our battered bodies back to Shap for day two. Day one consists of 10 kilometres and 25 obstacles. Day two, 10 miles and 25 obstacles, so second verse same as the first with the small addition of a four mile hill thrown in.

Some might say running up a bloody big fell should be included on the obstacle count but it isn’t, it is bloody tough though especially after you’ve battered your body the day before.

To give you some idea of how tough next weekend is going to be, I’ve included some photos of body parts that I took after day  one last year, I didn’t have the energy after day two to add to the collection but you can imagine what fun it is to add a new layer of bruises and scrapes onto the set you acquired just 24 hours ago.

Interesting Factoid Break

Last year was the first year of Total Warrior, 4,000 people took part over the two days. Of those only 40 people did both the 10k and 10 miles. The Tough Gaffs team made up 10% of that small number. Sean was also the only amputee we spotted running either day.

Break over

One more interesting fact, after completing the course last year, we might have mentioned to the organisers that it was a wonderful location and a good race but had some way to go in the toughness stakes particularly if it wants to challenge the Daddy of these events, the incomparable Tough Guy. Over well earned pints of cooking lager delicious amber nectar we gave our sage opinion on how the course could be made tougher. For example, said we. The worm muncher obstacle features barbed wire as decoration almost, just a few strands around the edges with no chance of a competitor actually getting caught on it. “It needs more!” we cried. And from the new course photos, see example left, it seems that they have paid attention.

Which is a little concerning.

Anyhoo not much we can do about it now, except be comforted by the vast amounts of money we have raised for our respective charities. Sean is raising money for Get Kids Going, who support disabled kids and young adults get into sport. You can sponsor him here.

I’m supporting Help for Heroes, a charity that shouldn’t need to exist and so should be well supported.

Both Sean and I are making the same offer. The person who sponsors us the most cash gets to pick the charity we raise money for next. Anyone who sponsors me over £50 gets to pick the event too.

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