Cut down on your porklife mate…

…and get some exercise.

Which is what I’ve been doing for a couple of months or so. Honest I have, I’ve just not been blogging about it but as Sean is threatening to work out how to post once more, I thought I’d beat him to the punch.  Plus we kinda did a race today, in the form of a  Parkrun, which is a good excuse as any to break my blog drought.

Parkruns are awesome and free. In existence since 2004 and organised by volunteers, they take place all over the UK on a Saturday morning, each is nice 5k. I’ve known about them for a while but decided to do one this weekend to check the accuracy of my iPhone running ap and to set a baseline for training this summer.

The verdict on the app, which is RunKeeper if you’re interested, was that it seemed to be doing OK until the last 100 metres and then it went a bit mental. Jut before the last 100 metres, when the finish was clearly in sight,  it declared we had done three miles in just over 29 minutes.  This  seemed reasonable as a nice marshall had told us our halfway time was 14.47. However when I hit stop after the we crossed the finish line, it seemed to think we’d run 3.77 miles, not 3.1. So I can only assume it thought the home stretch was 0 .6 miles and that we ran this distance at the stonking pace of 2.16 , which is roughly the pace Usain Bolt does in the 100 metres.

A pace, if which we could keep up would meen being able to do a 10k in under 14 minutes – which would be nice but alas as likely to happen as me getting a real life Unicorn for my birthday this year. I’m not saying we didn’t put on a bit of a sprint finish but seriously.

Anyhoo, the official time as provided by the lovely parkrun text service was 30.18 – not bad as there was a small amount of walking and the early saturday morning trot around the park has proven two points. One, I need a new gps (Garmin forerunner 610 is looking very shiny right now) and two, we need to run more – lots more. The intention is to run again next week, so perhaps an update then.

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