British 10k 2011 Race Report

Only a week after it was run, I thought it might be time for a little update on how we did in the British 10k, which can be summed up as ‘not bad’.

Sean and Fiona were a bit stymied by being knackered. Sean had had the annual horror of working on a Saturday at the Yeovilton Air Day and dealing with the public upsets his delicate sensibilities. Then the plan to come up to the Smoke the night before was knocked on the hear by Buddy, the lovely, yet very protective pooch, not quite settling into his kennels. This necessitated a very early start from the country Gaffneys to make to the big city for the 9.30 start.

However make it they did, and after only a slight detour, and additional 30 minutes or so, wandering from one tube station to another thanks to me not checking the weekend line closures. (seriously why close the Piccadilly line when 25 thousand people need to get to Piccadilly Circus). We made it on time to the start.

Well I say start, when the gun finally went off at about 9.50, we we’re about 12,000 people back, standing next to a bunch of people dressed as what can best be described as Bollywood Triffids. We soon shuffled across the line, with Fiona putting in a hot start. For the first time since the ill-fated London Nike 10k in 2008 we ran our own race. Well apart from Ray who insisted on keeping pace with me and therefore got the same pants time.

It was bloody hot, and really busy. Really, really busy and the results on the door, stand at:

FIona – 1 h 3 mins 13 seconds

Sean 1 hr 10 mins 18 seconds

Kerry 1 hr 11 mins 47 seconds

Ray 1 hr 11 mins 47 seconds

Personally I’m somewhere between happy and disappointed, it is the slowest 10k I’ve done since 2002 but likewise its the least training I’ve done in years. Something that needs to be addressed before the the Supar duper Total Warrior Weekend.

Which is 10k, followed by 10m.

With obstacles.

In the Lake District.

Which is quite hilly so I’m led to believe.

Oh and it’s in less than 3 weeks.


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Next update most likely post-Total Warrior.

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