Bloggers and Journalists – Digital Walkabouts

As I mentioned in my Twestival write up last week, I got to catch up some old faces, one which was the lovely @Spode who I met on an ill-fated press trip some years past.  Somehow we ended up in discussion about how to best define a blog and indeed a blogger, and what difference was the there between journalists and their bloggy counterparts.  I think we agreed that it was a tricksie subject and therefore I should write a post on it for his latest enterprise Think-about-Tech.

So I did, it starts thusly:

We humans love many inexplicable things, stuff that is bad for us, stuff that has no practical use and people that have no discernable talent. What we seem to hate is not being able to put a neat and tidy label on things, which is why the increasing blurring of boundaries between journalist and blogger is confusing the hell out of a lot of people in the communications industry.

You can read the rest over at Bloggers and Journalists – Think-about-Tech

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