BIMA Best Blog Award & Gratuitous self promotion warning

KaaUnlike the vast majority of my posts, this one will be short and to the point. It will also contain hitherto unknown quantities of ego.

For I have, dear readers, been nominated for a BIMA Best Blog award and I am dead chuffed, to say the least.

Let us not ask how the hell that happened, when the rate of posting has been only slightly higher than the speed of the actual postal system for the past few months. Let us also ignore the fact that, when I have bothered to put pinkies to plastic the topics have been as inspiring as Grace Jones snotting on stage, why I think white goods should remain stupid and why people in general are stupid*. Let us also ignore that there are other blogs who are far more stimulating, entertaining and frequently updated, such as the rather excellent Broadstuff blog. Instead just accept that this is possible the greatest blog you’ve ever read and take a moment for this momentous news to sink in.

Suggestion, while you are taking that moment, why not just pop over to the award page and vote for me.


See that didn’t take long and the dirty feeling goes away after a while, honest. If it doesn’t then return and vote for someone equally deserving such as Broadstuff or Boing Boing.**

*Except you, you are of course not stupid, your very presence here proves this, btw you hair looks great.

**Obviously for every vote cast that is not for this blog, a fairy dies

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