Better late than never? (Why do today what you can put off permanently)

It’s been a long time since I have had to or needed to visit this Blog but as it was created to incentivise its members to train I thought now would be a good time to restart (Plus Kerry made me). In short training has not been going well; in fact training has not been going at all!


This lack of training coupled with the imminent arrival of Total Warrior Total weekend could end in much embarrassment for me. Well when I say embarrassment, the fact that an ageing athlete (yes I was an athlete) with a portion of leg missing, still feels the need to run around over hill and dale won’t really post an embarrassing result. Everyone tends to pat me on the back and wish me well, which always comes across as very condescending of them, even though I know they don’t mean it too. Even with no training under my belt I would be confident of dragging my slightly curvy frame around the 16 mile course. (16 miles being the combined distance for the Total Warrior Total weekend). However to be beaten by my sister would be embarrassing, so training starts today!
Training has taken a bit of a back seat since returning from Afghanistan on the fourth of June, first there was the obligatory three days of sleeping, then there was the drinking, followed by the pain of not being able to drink anymore, then came the practice at drinking and finally came the occasional visit to the gym.
Whilst away very little CV was getting done, perhaps 30 to 50 minutes on a cross trainer per day. Although I was training twice a day 5 or 6 days a week, (you had to make a conscious effort not to go the gym, as there is little else to do on your off hours and by not training at least one day of the week it made it feel a bit different. Going on a tour is very much a Ground Hog day.
Whilst deployed you work seven days a week, for a minimum of 12 core hours Monday to Saturday. Unless you were lucky enough to have my job in which case you ended up starting a 04:00hrs and working till 20:00hrs. (Don’t go “aww bless”,  I had plenty of breaks during the day, but I did develop a Mocha habit in order to function at all.) While I was away I ended up favouring weight lifting, which of course is not going to help me run.
So! Weights have been put aside, breakages with the prosthetic limbs have been resolved (mostly) and the scales have been stood on (ouch!). Training for Total warrior starts today. If I manage a mile on tonight’s run I will be amazed. But the longest of journeys begins with a small step.

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