Social media is often praised for opening people’s boundaries and introducing them to ideas and content that they might previously missed. In reality, we tend to use social media to build a series of finely layered filters to ensure that we only see the information we’re interested in. From RSS, which allows you to ignore all the content on a website you don’t think you fancy. all the way through to Twitter which enables  you to follow just the people you find interesting and ignore the rest. It’s similar in the blogging world, it’s easy to get into a blog reading rut, and not to seek out anything new and exciting once in a while.  Which is why Adam Vincenzini and Emily Cagle’s idea for a mutual blogging month in March is such a stormer.

The idea is simple(s).

It’s pretty simple. During March 2010, anyone taking part will aim to:
1. Write at least one post for someone else’s blog, and
2. Feature at least one guest post on their own blog.

The launch of #BeMyGuest in March. the Comms Corner

Anyone interested in taking part just needs to tweet their intentions using the #bemyguest tag or using the tag to search Twitter for people to swap with . You can also keep up with who is swapping with who at the #BeMyGuest Posterous blog.

I’m quite excited as I’ll be swapping with one of the BeMyGuest originators, Adam Vincenzini at The Comms Corner and also Paul Sutton over at Tribal Boogie. They in turn will be posting here, which is nice, obviously. I reckon I can handle one or two more guest spots so if you fancy strutting your stuff on Niff, Naff then leave a comment, drop me a line or catch me on twitter, not forgetting to use the #BeMyGuest tag.

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