#BeMyGuest Post: Do you ‘appear’ exclusive or inclusive on Twitter?

When #BeMyGuest month kicked off in March, one of the originators behind the month of mutual blogging, Adam Vincenzini, of the COMMS corner fame, and I agreed to do a swap. The initial idea was to interview each other and then post the write-ups on each other’s blogs.  Unfortunately real life got in the way but very fortunately the month was such as success the swapping will continue all year round with the launch of #BeMyGuest Mondays. So today, only about five weeks later than planed is the swap.

Do you ‘appear’ exclusive or inclusive on Twitter?

Let’s start with a simple statement of fact: There is no right or wrong when it comes to Twitter ‘follow-to-friend’ ratios.

I’m simply going to provide you with my humble opinion on the issue…for what it’s worth.

If you’re followed by 3,500 people and only follow 500 back, how do you think that looks?

To the untrained eye, without knowledge of Twitter lists, spam etc you might say: That person must be saying something interesting…perhaps.

On the other hand, you might also say: That person obviously doesn’t care about what I have to say, why should I follow him / her?

It’s always interesting to see which side of the fence people sit on this tiny, yet important, issue?

Personally, I think people (or brands for that matter) who only follow a small portion of the people that take an interest in them are short-sighted, overly self-conscious and incredibly inward.

Twitter opens doors to conversations and opinions, it’s not just a platform to spread you personal manifesto.

The most impressive Twitter operators know the value is in what other people are saying, not themselves.

One of my favourite bloggers / social media strategists is @mattsingley follows approx 30,000 people and yet still has time to engage, listen and share better than anyone I know.

One of the reasons I initially engaged with Matt nine months ago was that he ‘appeared’ approachable.

And he was / is (if you don’t follow him already, you should…nicest fella ever!)

Big or small – what really counts is…

In late March, I wrote a post entitled: Ignore the little people at your own peril.

My argument then, and still remains, is that the people who will be ‘influential’ tomorrow aren’t necessarily the ‘power brokers’ of today.

This is the problem with numbers and social media, and why there is no definitive answer to this question.

Numbers, according to popular belief, can lie…actions don’t.

Stimulating though can’t be quantified, can it?

But people make decisions in a split second, and whether you like it or not, your ‘numbers’ say something about you.

It is up to you whether you want to be seen as ‘exclusive’ or ‘inclusive’.

For a medium that is supposed to embody ‘inclusiveness’, I know which one I prefer.

How about you?

Adam is a  senior Communications Consultant at Paratus Communications in London who specializes in blending traditional and social media together. If you’re interested in swapping posts with him, me or any other #BeMyGuest Blogger then just tootle over the http://www.bemyguestblogger.com/ and sign up.

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