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artforhart I have this vague theory that famous ppl always die in threes, actually I’m not alone in this, it seems.  Usually there will be one world famous one, a slightly less famous one and then someone fairly local who was only famous just in the UK.

Now I know this is not true at all but who am I to let the facts stand in the way of a good theory, even if it should really be a hypothesis at best and a rough guideline at worst? Especially when recent events support it, with Patrick McGoohan, Ricardo Montalbán and Tony Hart all dying with in five days of each other. I think it is debatable about whether McGoohan or Montalbán was the more famous globally, but I think I’m on fairly safe ground saying that Hart was held in a place of special affection in the hearts of a certain age group of Brits.

Personally I’m terrible at art, I have a GCSE in graphics to prove this, but I still watched the show religiously with my brother* who was pretty good at drawing. The best bit was always the gallery, where the daubings of the audience would be shown, accompanied by some rather mellow music. I can’t remember sending anything it but am fairly sure Sean did, though whatever it was never made the cut.

Now that Hart is gone, some of the chaps from PN Towers thought a nice way to honour the memory of the man would be to create an online version of the gallery on Facebook. So if you never made the famous wall or still have the one you did originally but never got round to sending it in, you can pop along to Art for Hart and show the world what he inspired you to do.

*Who will no doubt leave a sarky comment on this post about my artistic limitations, most likely referencing rabbits that looked like tanks.

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  1. Rabbits?! …now it makes sense. We wondered why tanks would take on carrots. (No sarky comment, just genuine surprise)

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