Another one dusted

Well it appears that liccle sister and I have a similar time line in recovering from Total Warrior . A week has seen most of the aches dissipate and the bruises are beginning to fade and the cuts are healing. And the vague memory of a man shaking his head and saying “No more double events, I’ve got nothing left in the tank” has also began to disappear into the mists of time. That moment of weakness lucidity will be repeated on subsequent events, which just goes to prove that there ‘aint no cure for stoopid.’ (to be honest I like the little cuts and bruises that we pick up on these events, it makes me feel as if we have worked hard to finish and somehow earn the T shirt)


Whilst I recall struggling on the 10 miler, perhaps the previous days celebratory 7 hours of drinking on completing the 10km event was not the best preparation, nor was smoking big and clever * and maybe and this is only a maybe, doing some training in the cardio vascular department would of helped ( By the end of the first km on the second day I was blowing out of my Harris and I was surprised that there where big black clouds (BBC) over head as I was convinced I had sucked them in) And the normally reliable renegade leg wrapped its hand in after 5 miles, which upped the difficulty level, marginally.

But despite our collective lack of training, Boo hiss to Julie for cheating and training for the 10km event. We all decided to stick together, bimble our way around the course and have a giggle. It was a simple plan, (KISS) Keep It Simple Stupid) with few draw backs and worked superbly. The regular blog reader will know that there are usually complaints about the usual fourth member of Team Iceds, Fiona, making us run when we want to walk and generally forcing us to achieve more than the ridiculously low standards that we set our selves. Unfortunately Fiona was being kept busy on Olympic duties in Weymouth and we were left to our own devices. Although I did miss my drinking partner we enjoyed the lack of nagging motivational encouragement that she brings to the team and she will be back for Tough Mudder.
I must agree with Kerry that Total Warrior is a fantastically organised well run event that has indeed got tougher since its inaugural event in 2011. The course still largely follows the same route as 2011 but the organisers made a few key changes to obstacle location, numbers and size that have all added to the course and made it a much more enjoyable and tougher event. After speaking with the event organisers this year Team Iceds can be proud that it was some of our advice and suggestions that they took on board to improve the course. As the event organisers do not own the land that Total Warrior takes place on then they must constantly negotiate and make compromises over what they want to accomplish and what they realistically can achieve.
Yet the obstacles still lack the sheer size and lunacy of Tough Guy and Mr Mouses willingness to push the boundaries of the contestants still see Tough Guy as the much more difficult event. If you do look at the link to TG have a look at the video clip, you should see yours truly in it at about 1 min 20 sec and 2 min 12 secs. Until Total Warrior runs a winter event it will only ever be the younger brother trying to follow in big brothers footsteps. However the sheer scale of the area that Total Warrior is run over, particularly the 10 mile event makes the likelihood of a winter event untenable. This was proven on the Sundays ten mile event when we found ourselves doubling back up the fell to give first aid to a runner who had fallen and gashed his leg to the bone. After we had left him in the custody of a marshal and with a quad bike on route to collect him, it then took a further 30 minutes before he was eventually delivered to an ambulance.
On an interesting note, we had walked almost all of the extra 4 mile fell section of the 10 mile event, we had crested the summit and where well on the way down when a fellow runner caught up with us (no difficult ) to tell us that one of our team members had fallen and gashed their leg. Well it wasn’t one of our team members but he was wearing a help for heroes shirt which was good enough for us to want to help. Like moths drawn to the flame we dutifully turned round and doubled away smartly back up the fell. Had Fiona been there we would have been berated for 1, not running up the fell in the first place. 2, not running down the fell and 3, walking at all, at any time ever.


*Smoking is big and clever, it looks cool, tastes great and chicks dig it! FACT

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