And We’re Done

So it finally happened, after months of planning and weeks of training, admittedly some months before the event, two-thirds* of Team Iceds turned up for Nettle Warrior 2010 – Return of the Afghan Warrior.

We amazingly turned up on time(ish) and having given the various support team spare leg parts, pain killers and more energy gels than you can shake a stick at, we registered, scrawled numbers on arms, legs and heads and set off for the start. Having taken a while to sort out the support logistics we were a bit late for the Tough Guy Front Squad. So we joined in the general scrabble for the start and set off.

I wish I could  give you a detailed breakdown of what happened next but it mainly involved logs, mud, muddy water, hills, smurfs with logs and no honour, more logs, more mud and pain.  We got round in just under the five hour cut-off, despite losing about 20 minutes with leg changes and about 5 while I was being polite on the behemoth, and letting people going ahead. We also slowed down a fair bit as my idiotic knee kicked in during the last lap and made running at any pace almost impossible.

I think the most amazing thing is that we actually completed, once we got through the Stalag Escape and got the shiny ribbon which meant we were safely on to lap two, it seemed bearable. Even the electrocution of the underground torture chamber.

The worst bit was the slalom, the best was the swim around the lake.

*The final third of the team had their shifts confused but as I skipped the last event for a work trip I can’t point fingers.

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