And the winner is…

…not me.

But I did come third, out of 12, from an inital long list of 100, which is fanfuckingtasticly amazingly wonderful, if you’ll pardon my tmesisic anglo saxon. There are many reasons why this is so, so I shall list them in easy to digest bullet points.*

  • I’ve only been blogging since August 2008, a mere 15 months
  • I don’t actually write that much
  • When I do write, it’s normally about the spam comments I receive
  • Or a rant on something bollocky in the social media sphere
  • I think this ws the only short-listed blog that has a b(l)og standard wordpress theme
  • Definitely the only one that features a picture of Bagpuss in the header.
  • Most of the shortlist were company related
  • I have an embarrasingly small readership**

You get the drift.

The most amazing thing is that the award brought together a couple of disparate factors in my life. Like, I suspect, many of you, most of my family and friends don’t quite understand what I do. I think to them having a blogger aroundthe place is like having a train spotter as a mate. You think it’s a bit weird and can’t see the attraction yourself, but it makes them happy so you don’t take the mick (too much), you occasionaly try to make small talk about it but quickly lose the will to live once they start talking and contemplate murder when they start drawing diagrams.

However the blog nomination proved that some people within the digital world like what I do and that my colleagues, family and friends, care enough for me to vote on something that makes no or little sense to them. Better still, they cared enough to pester their friends to vote for me too. How blessed am I?

So a huge thanks to all that voted and a massive thank you to the person who nominated me in the first place.

*also easy to write, for I has a few cobwebs this morning on which I am blame Chris Kempt’s hearing defect which translates, ‘No thanks, I’m fine.’ into, ‘a large rum and coke you say? Why, that would be spiffing!’

**not the size matters, t’is quality not quantity though it would be nice if one of you buggers left a comment every now and then to let know you’re still awake

0 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. I was just wondering.

    If I were to put your blog in my blogroll, would it significantly affect your repute as a PR practitioner?

    I mean… It’s not that you don’t already write already bollocky stuff, just that I write lots of trash.

  2. Hello Mr Mulley!

    @Alastair – I’m embarrased to say that I don’t know your blog but I’m fairly sure nothing could impact my gleaming repuation more than I have done myself. So please, link away 😉

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