And the devil did grin

I’m trying to get back into the writing and blogging lark and started with a piece for #NoFIlterFeb. If you’ve not come across it yet, it’s a new project that seeks to remind us that a lot of what we see and portray on social media isn’t really real, although the effects of it can be very real and very damaging.

I know you know that.

You know that I know that.

So imagine my surprise when I realised whilst penning* a post for the project blog that even while thinking about #NoFilterFeb and all it stood for, I was still acting like I didn’t.

Paying attention to exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time. I  was paying attention to the wrong people too.

You’re intrigued, I can tell. Go read the full post over at the No Filter Feb website and then read everything else on there too.


*Though not actually penning, more keyboard prodding but that doesn’t scan so well.

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