Addicted to glove

Despite threatening to put fingers to keyboard, Sean has decided to postpone writing a blog post until he has done a run .So I’m posting to cover for him, I believe as he attended a dinner on HMS Victory* last night, he probably won’t be running at any point soon.

I on the other hand did manage to get up early for a second Saturday on the trot to go run around Gunnersbury Park with the aim of getting under 30 minutes. Despite managing to throw my iPhone on the floor as we set off…

Tangent warning

I had decided to try give RunKeeper one last try and managed to totally cock up hitting the start button, necessitating some jiggery-pokery as we crossed the start line, which in turn led to me dropping my phone. A nice lady behind me picked it up and by the time I managed to get it back in its run case I thought ‘sod this for a game of soliders’ and ignored it. Ironically for the first time in a while it did actually work and was only .04 miles out, unlike the 2.2 miles on the last run.

Tangent passed

…our half way time was exactly the same as last week, 14.47. Excellent thought us, a little less walking and we’ll have that 30 minute barrier broken, nae bother. All was going to plan until cramp pulled Ray up at around the 3.5k mark. I actually though he’d seriously damaged something as he stopped so suddenly, but fortunately some stretching and slooooooow running eased it off enough to complete the course in only 30 mins 45 seconds.

So next week we should slaughter it, and if cramp kicks in again I have promised that I’m ditching the unofficial team stance of all for one, and going for solo glory.

Today was the first time I ran in my brand new yet very ugly vibram footgloves. I’ve totally killed my Merrell Barefoot Trail Gloves, which are awesome but I’ve been pondering Vibrams for ages and so decided to get a little closer to the barefoot aesthetic, if that’s the right word for such eyesores. They are amazingly comfy, ugly and light, and ugly. I played squash in them a few hours post-run and they were just as comfy, light and ugly.

Ah well you can’t have everything.

Half marathon training starts on Monday, so let’s hope they stay that way.


* something which I am pretty jealous about

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