Hello, my name is Kerry Gaffney and I work for MOFILM.

This is my little blog where it seems I tend to write about social media, PR and anything else that takes my fancy. It’s also the home for race and training reports from Team Tough Gaffs, which is mainly my brother, my sister-in-law, and me. Others do occasionally join in as we take part in runs, endurance events and obstacle course racing.

Whatever I write about is obviously in no way, shape or form the opinion of, or reflective of, the opinions of my employer,


or you could always drop me an email at kerrygaffney at gmail com

I’m happy to be pitched but try to make it interesting if you can’t make it relevant.

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  1. Yeah, kind of agree with your points. Tech pr jonathan hopkins loves pr fail, but I’m not sure.

    Yes, I like reading about PR cock ups like anyone else, but the format and point of it escapes me a bit.

  2. Hi there – bit of a delay (like a month or so) but was just checking inbounds on the PR Fail site, which I set up . Please do head on over to where I’ve blogged about the reasons behind it.

    I’ve bought the prfail.com domain and plan on doing something that is actually useful with it – the other side to PR Fail that I currently can’t really do in its current state as an aggregated feed.

    My background is very much in PR (and still kind of is) and I cringe so much when I keep seeing examples of absolutely rubbish PR engagement with bloggers. It brings down the whole industry. Yes it’s boring, but it’s important as the perception of PR needs to change.

    Any ideas on prfail.com, please do get in touch.

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