A Public Service Message

I know that Google’s ambition is to know its users so well that one day it will be able to accurately answer questions such as ‘what shall I do tonight?’.  However it is not quite at that point so it’s fairly unlikely that you are going to find out random things about yourself by searching online.

random things

And while I’m delighted that you popped by, it’s even less likely that I will be able to answer that question for you either.

/message ends

0 thoughts on “A Public Service Message

  1. It would seem to me that as long as you have friends, a good book, sky plus and maybe an xbox 360 (all hail Halo) that you should not need to ask google how you should spend your time. But should i be worried that they want to collect enough information about me that they could possibly be able to answer such a question acurately?

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