25 Random things about me

I’ve been told on more than one occasion that my mouth will get me in to trouble or that I’m so sharp I’ll cut myself, this has often proven to be true, which is what happened today when I responded to Chris Hambly’s innocuous request on Twitter about who wanted to be tagged. Ten minutes later it turned out he was passing on a meme that he’d taken part in to reveal 25 random things about myself, so here goes:

1. During my entire rugby playing career, which admittedly only spanned about eight years, I only ever scored two triesSurry 10s - The full squad photo while playing 15s. I did however win silverware in 10, 15s and tag tournaments, only missing out in 7s.  I don’t think I’ll ever truly retire until that happens or I really do get too old to be asked to turn out for my old team.

2. I truly hate Daily Mail and really believe that it does stand for everything that is evil and wrong in the world. You know the bit at the end of Time Bandits when they leave a lump of pure evil lying around by mistake, to me that is the Daily Mail.  That said I do deliberately read a copy, if I can get a free one, every month or so.  I use it to check that I’m still human. If I’m not incandescent with rage by the time I’ve got to the middle pages then I’m probably not.

3. I once had a pedlo boat named after me on the River Dee in Chester, it was called the Princess Kerry and I got to launch it and everything. No, I’m not telling you why I got to do that.

4. I’ve never broken a bone in my body, though I have chipped a bone in my right ankle following a night out with my brother.  Nights out with my brother have led to:

  • 1 severely sprained ankle – all 4 tendons and a chipped bone
  • 1 twisted knee
  • 1  chipped tooth – actually a veneer which is hellishly more expensive to get fixed
  • Countless brain cells destroyed
  • The realisation that no matter what you think at the time, tequila is never an acceptable substitute for Pernod
  • Far fewer hangovers than I should have had

The one thing nights out with my brother have not led me to is the realisation that I prolly should not go on nights out with my brother if I wish to remain undamaged.

5. I have veneers because I managed to head butt a set of steps when I was eight, smashing both front teeth and badly gashing my lip. I spent a lot of my teens at the dentist which weirdly I didn’t mind, I now have a slight phobia of them.

6. I’m not scared of steps but I do get occasional vertigo, but only in shopping centres with lots of glass

7. I will read anything, really anything. If you put me in a room with any printed matter I will read it, probably before I talk to anyone else in the room.  I have been known to book the day off work to coincide with new releases from my favourite authors.

8. I liked and drank cider before it became trendy, I will continue to do so after it is no longer trendy (sorry Chooch). I don’t always keep to my guideline of not drinking a cider you can’t see your fingers through and usually regret it when I don’t.

9. Despite having a rather Irish name I’m actually half welsh and about 1/16 French, the rest being made up of plastic scouse. The name Gaffney was originally Spanish and were apparently kings of Ireland (No, this is not what I had a boat named Princess Kerry).

10. I failed my driving test first time round, my driving instructor accepted that the blame was fully his, even though having your daughter fail when you’re a qualified driving instructor must have been a bit embarrassing for him. It was his fault though.

Jonnyw 11.I was at the Rugby World Cup final in 2003 and nearly fainted, like a girl, when I saw Jonny take that final kick.

12. I would go back to Australia purely to eat Moreton Bay bugs

13. I can sleep pretty much anywhere and at any time.  I’ve slept in night clubs and at parties with my head next to booming speakers, all while sober (what can I say, I was bored). Apparently this ability is very annoying to insomniacs.

14. My favourite place in the entire world is Cornwall, one day I’ll live there.

15. I used to be admin on a MUSH called TCZ in the mid 90s, I made it to the level of Druid and could even code a bit. We used to have meetings, called MUD Meets, kinda like tweet-ups and blogger meet-ups, just a decade or so earlier. This is why I believe that web 2.0 is a load of tat, ppl were finding ways to collaborate from the start of the web, its just become easier and so internet users have had an image change, posting your daily thoughts on a web page is no longer geeky, its becoming de rigeur.

16. I only eat the tops of muffins, unless they are double chocolate ones.

17. Before falling into PR, I had a variety of jobs including:

  • Deputy manageress at Contessa (now La Senza)
  • Typist at Plymouth City Council
  • Scruter for the Royal Navy input and Scrutiny department
  • Auditor of computers for Westland

The navy job was by far the best, excellent ppl, good pay, easy hours and the best chocolate eclairs on the planet every Wednesday. PR and what I do with the PN Digital team kicks its ass on every level, except the eclair one.

18. After living in the same place for my first 18 years I then managed to move nine times in six years, including seven moves over three years.  I don’t recommend that to anyone, I also don’t recommend living in Milton Keynes, especially if you don’t have a car. Also, to my shame, after living in Wales for three years while at uni, the only Welsh I retain is how to say ‘I don’t speak welsh’. Which I usually mispronounce.

19. I’m actually far more sarcastic than most ppl  think, I usually keep my immediate response in my head because usually there’s no need to be sarky just for the sake of it.

20. I just don’t get football, really. I know in my head that there is a fair level of skill involved, that all the passing around the middle of the pitch is actually achieving something, but as to why millions are entranced by it I just don’t get. Which probably also explains why I’ve never been to a football match.

21. After being stupidly sporty for my first few years at high school, I did pretty much no exercise between the ages of 14 and 23 when I took up rugby. The first training session made it pretty difficult to walk the next day, and the day after that too. I now get antsy if I don’t get out on the bike or run regularly.

22. My first degree was in theology and religious studies, I also have an a-level in Theology. I could still prolly knock you out a semi-decent exegesis  on any passage in Marks’ gospel should you ever want or need one. I’m also pretty handy in pub quizzes.

23. I can’t play a musical instrument and I really don’t care about being able to or not.

24. One of my several perfect afternoon scenarios would involve watching an MGM musical, preferably one with Gene Kelly in it. Others would include rugby in some shape or form, or skiing.

25. The are three things I wish I had inherited from my mother –  her sense of style, her ability with money and her legs.

Which is quite enough of an insight into my psyche for now methinks.


The small print

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