2009 Resolutions

iStock_000004298074Medium As most commentators look forward to 2009, predicting what will be our major obsessions, I thought I’d make some resolutions instead. Not on my own behalf but rather for the wider world of digital and social media. although if you would prefer to know what I’ve resolved to do in 2009 feel free to drop me an email requesting the very mundane details.

Obviously it would be rather egocentric of me to make resolutions solely on the behalf of the wider community, so I’m tagging Brendan, Chris, Damien, Darika and Gary to share their five hopes and dreams for 2009, in a strictly digi sense, too.

My particular wishes are as follows.

1) That I never have to sit through a presentation on digital that uses Kryptonite, Dell Hell or Wal-Mart as a proof point on how iccky the web can be, surely we dig up examples that are slightly newer?*

2) That I never have to see a blog post entitled PR/Blogging/Advertising is dead again meme. Really ppl find something better to link bait with in ’09.

3) To see some case studies with actual ROI attached to them. Thus far I think I’ve seen two – Dell claiming a $1 million in sales via Twitter and HP’s month of the Dragon blogger outreach.  I know that digital engagement is more valuable than attributing figures to it might suggest but as the credit crunches, clients are increasingly to demand that we show them the money

4) That we stop over hyping what social media actually is, as John Jantsch says “Social media is a tool, not a religion

5) To see digital become an integrated part of what a PR person does, not an activity that is punted out to a separate silo of experts. Making everyone tick off the list of 51 things every PR person should know would be a bloody good start.

*I reserve the right to make this resolution next year but naming Motrin Moms

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