Team Tough Gaffs

Many years ago, when Kerry was on yet another business trip and bored; stuck as she was in a hotel room that showed only Bloomberg in English. Sean asked his little sister about the possibility of doing a Nike 10k together. For reasons now lost in the mists of time and age-related memory loss, Kerry upped the ante and suggested the Grim 8.
Not wishing to be outdone, Sean then raised the stakes considerably with Tough Guy.
The team did the Grim in 2007, then putting her money where Sean’s mouth was, Kerry bought him, and Fiona, entry to the summer version of Tough Guy as a Christmas present, treating herself too. Unfortunately another work trip meant she missed the fun of Nettle Warrior 2008. An act for which Sean has yet to forgive her for. He insisted on doing it again in 2010.  2009 was skipped as Sean was out of the country looking after containers in a war zone. So to help motivate herself for training, Kerry started the Tough Gaffs blog, which helped; ish.
Nettle Warrior, Return of Afghan Warrior 2010 duly done and dusted, we attempted Tough Guy: Braveheart II in January 2011. With  a film crew in tow, capturing the first amputee to attempt, and complete Tough Guy. It is the original mental obstacle course and one of the hardest thing’s we’ve ever done to date.

Since then we’ve developed a bit of a taste for obstacle courses, adventure races, mud races and endurance events.  There’s been a lot of Grims, original and night versions. We’ve also completed the Total Warrior Total Weekend each year of its existence so far. We also took part n the North West Tough Mudder in 2012. There’s been a lot of Rat Race events as well, plus the more than occasional road race, from one mile jogs around the a shopping centre up to and including marathons.

Each year we seem to agree less events, each year we seem to do more.