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Bum-lick spam

I like this one, as this site is pretty much the only one on the entire interwebz that attempts to define what Niff, Naff and trivia actually is, I’d hope that it makes points that are not raised elsewhere.

There was a really interesting experiment  on Twitter yesterday by the Greater Manchester Police force, for 24 hours it tweeted a summary of every single call it received. Done across three twitter accounts, @GMP24_1, @GMP24_2 and @GMP24_3 and also supported by its main twitter account, @GMPolice. The purpose of the experiment was to demonstrate to [...]

Answer: When it’s some other form of corporate cock-up. I toyed, a while ago, with the thought of creating a wiki of social media crisis, the objective of which would be to provide a place that told the definitive tale of each of our favourite case studies. For example, it would have pointed out that [...]